Top 6 Facts About Mosquitoes

  1. Only Female Mosquitoes Bite You

It’s not uncommon to think that both male and female mosquitoes bite, however, the female mosquito needs the blood to help them produce and nurture their eggs. Your blood is an excellent source of protein. Not mention mosquito-bites are painful and itchy!

  1. World’s deadliest animals are ARE??

You Guessed it Mosquitoes! It’s hard to picture mosquitoes as a deadly animal but some of the diseases including Malaria, Dengue, and Zika. Mosquitoes cause around a million deaths a year globally. Some other dangerous animals are Saltwater Crocodile and the Black Mamba.

  1. Mosquitoes are Slow Flyers

Actually, mosquitoes are bad flyers compared to flying insects. They can get up to speeds of a whopping 1 and 1.5 mph. If you see mosquitoes around you, try to fan them away from your children or pets. I will help disrupt their flight in the air.

  1. How do Mosquitos find us?

Mosquitoes can find us by the carbon dioxide we exhale. Our body heat is essential, but once the mosquito gets closer, she will respond to the smell of a potential blood source’s to feed her eggs.

  1. Mosquitoes have a craving for CO2

They are addicted to it. Carbon dioxide is one of the leading ways in which mosquitoes locate their next feast. They use a unique organ called a maxillary palp to follow the smell of CO2 released from our breath.

  1. How many different mosquitoes species are there in the world?

There are over 3,000 in the world according to the American Mosquito Association.

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