Pest Management, INC. Helps Local School In Manor, Texas Battle Bat Problems

Students at a Central Texas elementary school received an unexpected wildlife lesson this week when bats were spotted around their campus. These small winged creatures can carry and spread a whole host of diseases, and when a school finds bats, the problem needs to be managed quickly. That’s exactly what Manor Independent School District is […]

Pest Management, Inc. On National Geographic’s Bed Bug Special

A new method of bed bug control is being used by exterminators in Austin, Texas – bed bug K-9 inspection. Highly-trained bed bug dogs like Bernie and Lucy of Pest Management, Inc., are used by pest control companies to sniff out bed bugs hidden in furniture and walls. These K-9 units are used mostly for […]

Bed Bugs Hitchhiking Throughout Texas

KXAN NBC (AUSTIN, TX) – Austin Energy isn’t the only business experiencing a bed bug problem, they’re all over town.  “They know no boundaries” says Sarah McElwee of Pest Management, Inc.

Austin Ranks in Top 15 Cities with Bed Bug Problem

If you’ve traveled recently or even stayed overnight with a friend or relative, you’re at an increased risk for bed bugs. In fact, Austin is one of the top cities in the country with a bed bug problem. It ranks in the top 15, nationally, along with Dallas and Houston. Local pest control experts tell […]

On the Spot: A Bedbug-Free Hotel Stay in New York City

Question: We are planning a trip to New York City next summer. Is there a list of bedbug-free hotels? How can we protect ourselves? – S. Penza, Camarillo Answer: Bedbugs have become such an issue that several websites have sprung up to help travelers scope out hotels at their destination. Check, and also look at (search […]

How To Avoid Bedbugs On Vacation

Bedbugs are gifted hitchhikers. They don’t hop or fly but they sure can crawl, especially when motivated by the promise of a good hiding place, such as your checked baggage. While your bag is in the plane’s cargo hold bedbugs “may have hitchhiked on someone else’s luggage on the plane and transferred to yours,” suggests […]

Businesses Wage War Against Bedbugs

The growing bedbug epidemic can have a disastrous effect on businesses. How to prevent, detect, and eliminate the bloodsucking threat. If Alfred Hitchcock were still around and looking for another nature-run-amok story (think: The Birds), he would probably dream up a thriller called The Bedbugs. Because if you’ve ever had bedbugs, you may start to […]

Rising Concern About Bedbugs Spurs Rise In Pest Control Calls In Austin

Austin pest control companies have received a boost in business in recent months from property owners who believe they may have blood-sucking bedbugs in their homes and offices. And they expect those calls to keep coming. Nevertheless, Brian DiCicco, CEO of Pest Management Inc., said the problem has stayed under the radar in Texas, although […]

Fighting Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are on the rise. Traditional chemical treatments may not get rid of all the pests. One Texas company is turning up the heat on these household pests. View the full story, as featured on Austin’s KXAN NBC news:

Bedbug Busters: How The Bed Bug Epidemic Could Take A Major Bite Of Real Estate

Texas real estate investors, pay attention to Sarah McElwee. Know how bedbugs are invading our homes, offices, stores, dorms, theaters, churches and even our food system? Sarah wants to change real estate leases because of bedbugs. The woman is on a mission I am holding in high regard these days: she wants to stave off […]

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