Putting The Heat On Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are everywhere. They may not be in your home, but they are out there and could find their way to your home or office by stowing away in your furniture, clothing, pillows, bedding, and any object that has travelled, such as luggage. If you go somewhere and don’t know there are bed bugs, they can crawl and hide on you or your belongings to find their way back to your home. In recent news, bed bugs have been discovered in a university dorm, a high school, and at a shelter.

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t the same as eliminating a couple of bugs in your home or office. If you spot a couple of bed bugs, there’s good chance there are more than just a few. Heat remediation is proven to be the most effective pest management method to rid a property of these pests.

Thermal Remediation

It’s a fact that bed bugs can’t take the heat. Bed bugs only have a threshold to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why thermal remediation has been proven to be 97 percent effective in the control of bedbugs. If temperatures in a room are elevated higher than this threshold for at least a few hours, it can kill all stages of bed bugs. The treatment is also eco-friendly and doesn’t leave residual pesticides.

A professional pest control technician who is highly trained in the technique of thermal remediation should perform the process to safely kill bed bugs. This ensures the treatment will be effective and will not result in any injuries.

Protect with Prevention

Even the cleanest homes and businesses can have bed bugs. The best method to protect your property is to know how to spot a bed bug and take as many steps as possible to prevent them from coming to your home or office.

A bedbug is a small, dark red, and oval-shaped insect that looks similar to a tick. Bedbug eggs look like small grains of rice. They have an odor that is often described as spoiled raw beef or a sweet, musty odor. A bed bug bite is itchy and similar to a mosquito bite.

If you travel, keep your suitcase off of the bed and carpeting. Vacuum it before it enters your home and wash any clothing that travelled with you.

When you do spot a bed bug at your property, contact the expert team at Pest Management, Inc. to deploy our heat remediation fleet. Our highly trained team, including our bed bug dogs, leads the fight against bed bugs and can have your home or office treated in just a matter of hours.


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