Traveling Tips When Dealing With Bed Bugs

Now that the holidays are coming to an end please remember that Pest Management is always here to help. If you think you may have signs of bed bugs, please contact our office and for a free inspection at 855-340-9710.


When traveling:

  • Personally, inspect a hotel luggage stand for bed bugs.
    Inspect all rooms where you will be staying for any signs of bed bugs. A flashlight or a light on your phone can be helpful for the inspection.
  • Check the headboard and all corners of the mattress before sleeping.Inspect the luggage racks in your room also.
  • Once in the hotel, use the luggage racks in your room to hold your luggage or backpack when packing or to unpack rather than just setting your luggage the floor. Please try to keep any luggage and backpack away from the bed.
  • Always remember when returning home, unpack directly into a washing machine and inspect your luggage and bags very carefully. Also, remember that time in a dryer at high temperatures kills the bed bugs (just washing will not kill bed bugs).
  • Store suitcases away from your bedrooms, such as in the basement or garage. Never store suitcases under your bed.
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