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Our residential pest routine is used to maintain infestations once the primary infestation has been cleared. Despite good preventative habits and routines, sometimes pests do find their way back into the home. During our monthly or quarterly visits, our team members spray the outside of the home with pesticides and insecticides to protect the home. This type of service is a safe preventative measure. By spraying the outside of the home more frequently, we hope to avoid respraying the home’s interior to maintain the safest environment for your loved ones.

Solving All Types Of Residential Pest Problems

Pest Management, Inc. is proud to offer a variety of removal services. It is our mission to give the most effective outcome in the safest and most convenient way possible. We have years of expertise and believe in quality care.


Basic Residential Services

Our basic services plan includes a hand tank application of pesticides around the home's foundation, eaves, doors, and window frames. This outdoor service will provide coverage for ants, roaches, scorpions, spiders, and silverfish up to ten feet from the house. Upon request, our expert technicians will also spray the inside of your home.

Classic Residential Services

Pest Management, Inc.'s Classic Service Plan provides additional services to our Basic Service Plan. In addition to the hand tank application spray, power spraying around the home, shrubs, bushes, and fence lines is administered to eliminate any insect nests. When needed, our exterminators will place insect monitoring stations to gather information on bug movement to help with future pest management decisions. Included in the Classic Service Plan is attic dusting during the winter to exterminate any bugs trying to take shelter from the cold. Additionally, we'll also plug up your home's weep holes to prevent any pests from taking advantage of these openings and get rid of any webbing found in your home. Full rodent control services are also included in this service package

Signature Residential Services

Our Signature Service Plan adds power spraying your lawn for up to thirty feet to our Classic Service Plan. Take steps to protect your home from unwanted pests with a service plan that fulfills your needs.

Proudly Serving Travis and Harris Counties

Since Pest Management, Inc., Pest Management, Inc. has been serving the Travis and Harris counties. We prioritize quick and effective service. We offer pest control services for both commercial and residential businesses. Located in Austin and Houston, Mississippi, we have agents available to reach any resident at the nearest available time.


Our Commitment To Service

At Pest Management, Inc., we proudly guarantee our top-quality service plans. If any unwanted pests show up between your regular monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly services, we will return at no additional charge.

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