Do Rats Come Out During The Day?

Rats are mostly nocturnal but they will come out during the day if it means survival. Night clubs, restaurants, and noisy family homes places that are busy at night, for instance, might see more rat problems in the daytime. In a place where rats don’t feel comfortable coming out at night, they are forced to come out in the daylight hours to find food and water. Likewise, sometimes doors and entry points are most accessible during the day. Most often, you won’t see rats during the day inside. But, rats are opportunistic and willing to go outside of their natural sleeping hours to find food. Some rats have even adapted and become accustomed to being around humans in areas like large cities.

In addition to naturally occurring food sources, rats are attracted to bird feeders, pet food bowls, and leftover food on your grill. They also like gardens that are full of fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on. When they have to move, they scurry quickly between locations. It’s worth noting that rats find dog poop appetizing so remember to pick up after your pets.
Due to an instinct to hide, rats like to be well concealed. They hide in tall grasses and cluttered corners.

Although not their preferred time of day, it’s not unusual to see rats during the daytime. But, rats during the day could mean that even more rats are lurking and waiting for night. For more information, contact a professional rodent removal team like Pest Management, Inc.

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