What Kills Spiders And Keeps Them Away?

There are many effective sprays and chemicals to use on spiders. However, it isn't advisable to use them because spiders are beneficial to your home. Unless you’re dealing with dangerous spiders like black windows, you don’t need to worry too much about them. These spiders are important because they prey on other household pests. If you kill the spiders around your home, you risk increasing the number of other harmful pests and a possible infestation. Furthermore, spiders grow in numbers where there is ample food supply. So more spiders equal more likely pests. Instead of killing spiders, we recommend looking for the root cause aka other pests in the home to treat.

If you can, the most effective way to rid your home of spiders is to avoid letting them inside. Sealing all cracks and crevices around doors, walls, and windows can keep away spiders and other pests. Also, cleaning regularly can help deter pests. By removing clutter, there are less places for pests like spiders to seek refuge. Outside, keeping a trimmed and well-maintained lawn and ornamental plants will deter spiders. Since spiders usually like calm areas, they are less likely to be somewhere where you are routinely cleaning or checking in.

Some natural products that can fend off spiders include fresh peppermint and peppermint oil, citrus, vinegar, and cedarwood chips.

A professional pest control company can inspect your home and decide if another pest such as ants, flies, termites, or fleas is the root cause that is attracting spiders. Pest Management, Inc. team will gladly inspect your home for spiders and other pests. Just give us a call.

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