What Is Bad About Spiders?

Spiders have a bad reputation because those who do bite are very dangerous like widow spiders and brown recluses. But, the vast majority of spiders are harmless. Spiders help to control populations of other pests who can otherwise do severe damage to your home or infest your garden.

Because spiders are associated with Halloween, they are perceived as evil. Additionally, spiders have unsightly figures that are vastly different from our own. With multiple legs and eyes attached to a rounded body with exoskeletons, spiders seem like something out of a horror story.
Scary movies use spider webs to make tombs, catacombs, cemeteries, haunted houses and other dark places look threatening. It’s no wonder that so many of us have grown to be afraid of them! In other parts of the world, spiders are a bigger threat but in North America, the two dangerous spiders are widow spiders and brown recluses. Additionally, these spiders do not seek out humans. They prefer dark spaces without much movement like basements, woodpiles, and sheds. To avoid running into these creatures, do not walk through brushy areas in the dark and use extra caution when sorting through areas with some outdoor exposure like basements or tool sheds.

Know that in most cases, walking through a spider web or seeing one in your home is no reason to cause alarm. If you’re nervous about the spiders on your property, just look up images of windows and recluses to confirm the spiders in your home are something else. If they are a dangerous sider, a professional pest company like Pest Management, Inc. can help you out.

Interestingly, if you’ve noticed an increase of spiders in your home it may mean that you also have an increase in other pests. Spiders have to eat something to stay alive and repopulate! Typically, spiders are only a result of another bug population present around the home. Killing spiders can cause other bugs to infest your home when their predators are gone. If there are many spiders in your home and you’re worried about a pest problem, Pest Management, Inc. is here to help.

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