Keeping silverfish out of your home?

Silverfish prevention measures do not differ much from season to season. You should do your best to remove the things that either help the silverfish get into your home or attract them to it. For example, avoid storing anything against the sides of your home such as trash cans, woodpiles, or storage cabinets. The silverfish can and will climb on these items to gain entrance to your home through vents or cracks. Also fixing leaky faucets and eliminating standing water will make your home less attractive to silverfish that need a water source to survive. On that note, run a dehumidifier in your home to dry out the things silverfish are feasting on and the silverfish themselves.
If possible, try to clear the clutter from your garage. At the least, store your important documents and clothing in air-tight containers. Sweep and wipe down surfaces in your garage regularly. Keeping floors and surfaces clear of food or water particles in your home will additionally deter silverfish as well as other pests.

Remember, silverfish are looking for a place to thrive. Eliminating water sources and storing belongings in airtight containers can deter them from your home. If the silverfish just won’t budge, reach out to Pest Management, Inc.

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