How Do You Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites?

If you’re noticing the first sign of an infestation, the best way to get rid of subterranean termites is to call a professional pest control company.
In some cases, when subterranean termites are causing damage at a rapid pace, more drastic measures may be suggested by a professional. A termite prevention program is the best choice if you don’t yet have a termite problem but live in an area like Harris County where they are common. Preventative treatment is much easier and relatively cheap compared to the price of potential damage.
Professions have tools that monitor wall moisture and noise activity that help them access potential damage and work accordingly.

Our system relies on professional knowledge. An expert will come to your home and strategically place these baiting devices in the ground around your home. Each container has an active ingredient, which remains active as long as it remains in the container. This ingredient prevents termites from molting from one stage to the next in the growth cycle. When the worker termites are lured to this product, they take it back with them to their colony where the rest of the termites feed on it. It is effective because it stops the termites at the source. This is the first termite treatment to successfully infiltrate the underground colonies that these termites create.

Yearly inspections are advised so the professional can refill these stations and ensure that they are working effectively. Non-intrusive bait stations, properly stocked and monitored, can deter subterranean termites from your property for years.

If you’re experiencing termite problems, call Pest Management, Inc.! Subterranean termites, especially non-native kinds such as Asian or Formosan termites, work incredibly fast. Termites are an urgent issue that requires immediate attention to limit potential damage.

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