Are Silverfish Active In Winter?

Silverfish get their names from the silver, hard steel-like outer shell. Also, silverfish appear to move like a fish swims. These pests are not commonly thought of as destructive, but in high numbers, they are. They might not be as common as their destructive counterparts such as termites and carpenter ants, but they can do as much damage. Silverfish can eat through items like clothes, wood, papers, and books. Sentimental documents, pictures, and clothes stored in garages or attics are all susceptible to this bug. Also, furniture, frames, art, and wood beams might be eaten by these pests.

During winter, unlike other bugs, silverfish might become more active. They can easily sneak into homes and prefer to live in places like garages or attics where they can survive without being seen. This is true in many parts of the United States.

In very cold areas, these bugs can enter a state called diapause during the winter months. This is a dormant state where they convert the water in their bodies into glycerol, an antifreeze type of chemical that keeps them from freezing.

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