When Fall Approaches, Bugs in Your Home Increase

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You might feel as though fall is a lovely time of year, but pests don’t.  Pests equate the shorter days and slowly declining temperatures with the coming of winter.  In short, the great outdoors are not as pleasant as they once were.  Why should you care?  Worried pests begin looking for warmer climates, and that could mean your home becomes the choice location!  Less sunlight and cooler nights tell pests that it is time to seek out a nice warm place for the winter.  Humans have built them just the cozy place they need.

Who wouldn’t like a little free rent, right?  Pests like the idea of free rent and utilities too, and in the fall they’ll attempt to make their way indoors to warmer living conditions.  Many different pests begin making their way into homes around the country when fall arrives.  Let’s take a look a few of the most common pests that you’re likely to see when the days get shorter.

Cockroaches Can Make You Sick

Cockroaches may already be living and breeding in secret inside your house.  Having these kinds of bugs in your home has more implications than you may think.  Air quality and cockroaches don’t mix.  Cockroaches and their “debris” can contribute to poor air quality.  This leads to an increased risk of colds and flu.  Why?  There is a link between poor indoor air quality and overall health and the strength of one’s immune system.  Cockroaches bring bacteria and can even contribute to asthma attacks.

Many factors, such as degassing furniture, paint and cleaning chemicals can all combine to decrease indoor air quality.  But there is another often overlooked factor in the form of these repulsive critters.  During the fall, cockroaches that may be outdoors or living just outside your home will head indoors if given an opportunity.

Rodents and Freeloading Fleas Are as Bad as Bugs in Your Home

Rats and mice are warm blooded.  Most of us don’t like them living in our homes, but they are mammals and want to stay warm in the winter just like we do.  Rats and mice will eagerly jump into your home to get out of the elements if given a chance.  Rodents can also bring other unwanted guests with them – fleas! Rodent control is essential for the health and safety of your family.

Spiders Can Leave You a Nasty Surprise

Spiders frequently head indoors during the fall.  They will lay eggs and then die, leaving a whole new crop of spiders for you to deal with!  Don’t forget that some spiders are poisonous and have hazards beyond just making webs.

Flies and Fruit Flies Love a Healthy Snack

Flies and fruit flies will head indoors as the weather gets cooler as well.  Ripe fruit and even root vegetables, such as onions, can provide fertile ground for fruit flies.  If you suddenly have an unplanned outbreak of fruit flies, take a look at what fresh fruit or root vegetables might be lying around.

How Can You Prevent Fall Season Pests from Making Your Life Miserable?

There are a few steps that you can take to greatly reduce the chances of having an invasion of bugs in your home this fall:

1)  Seal up cracks and crevices with caulk.

2)  Make life harder for pests by using weatherproofing strips on your doors and windows.  This step will also save you money on heating bills!

3)  Keep food in sealed containers.

4)  Keep an eye out for the signs of a rodent problem, and contact a pest control expert at the first sign of trouble.

By following the four steps above, you can dramatically reduce your risk of a problem.  Play your cards right during the fall, and you can enjoy fall colors instead of thinking about bugs in your home!

Cockroach Pest Control in the Summer

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Summertime is grand.  The beach, the sun, the fun, the trips and, yes, the cockroach infestations.  A cockroach pest control infestation can be a very unexpected and unwelcome surprise.  You’re not the only one that likes the warm summer months.  One of nature’s most ubiquitous and truly disgusting creatures, the cockroach, also loves the bright and long days of summer.

Before we come crashing down on the cockroach too hard, it is important that we pause to remember that the cockroach is one tough little bug.  In this regard, this most loathsome of creatures deserves our respect.  Now that we’ve established that, we can turn our attention to tips for curbing a cockroach infestation in your home.  Cockroaches may be worthy of our respect, but that doesn’t mean that they are worthy of free rent, food and internet access!

It can be tough, very tough, to get rid of cockroaches on your own.  But there are steps you can take to help curb a cockroach infestation.

Step One: Food Supply

One great tip is to remove their food supply.  The more available food supply the cockroaches have, the more likely it is that you’ll have a cockroach pest control problem.

Having cockroaches is unpleasant to think about, but here’s something even more disturbing.  The more readily available food you leave out and accessible to cockroaches, the more cockroach breeding will occur.   Of course, that means you’ll end up with more new pests to control.  Cockroaches, like all moochers, don’t want to work for their food, and that means they are looking for an easy meal.  Whatever you do, don’t provide cockroaches with this easy meal they so desperately crave.  If there is no food available, you’ll have a less severe problem that can be more easily remedied with pest control solutions.

Step Two: Keep the Area Around Your Home Clean

If you are living in an apartment complex, then tip number two isn’t going to help as much, as you will partially be at the mercy of your potentially messy neighbors.  However, if you live in a house, take efforts to make sure that you don’t leave any food or trash outside.  Food around your home will essentially act as breadcrumbs, perhaps literally, that serve to entice cockroaches to take a look.

Step Three: Don’t Forget About Your Pet Food

Leaving cans of pet food or dried pet food out for your pets for prolonged periods of time will attract cockroaches.  Remember there is nothing magical or special about pet food.  To a cockroach, it is just as tasty as that fancy meal you spent hours preparing.

Step Four: A Lid for Your Indoor Trash Can

Cockroaches suffer from serious boundary issues or they wouldn’t be in your home in the first place!  No self-respecting card carrying cockroach is going to stop at the top of your garbage can.  After all, these freeloaders are looking for an easy meal. For a cockroach, a garbage can is one of the best meals around.  A garbage can that has an airtight lid can work wonders for reducing your cockroach pest control problem anytime of the year.

Cockroaches are tough, they are persistent and they can be a real problem in the hot summer months.  The good news is that by following a few simple steps, you can keep cockroaches from making your life miserable.  These little pests may be tough, but you’re tougher!

Sometimes following basic steps is enough to keep your cockroach problem at bay.  If you find the pesky pests taking over your home in spite of your best efforts, the pest control experts at Pest Management, Inc. can help cure your cockroach pest control problem fast.