When to Consider Bird Removal Service

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When to Consider Bird Removal Service

When people think of pests, they typically think of bugs or rodents first. However, birds can be more than just a nuisance, they can be a health problem or damage property when a flock of birds congregate.

For example, pigeons are creating a problem around county buildings in Odessa, Texas leaving behind excrement everywhere. And a few years ago in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, Texas, residents in one neighborhood battled with egrets to stop gathering and not only making annoying noise, but also leaving behind feces all over the neighborhood sidewalks. This is when a professional bird removal service can protect a home or business from these issues.

Hazards of a Bird Infestation

It’s one thing to have a flock of birds fly over and watch them migrate to an area, but it becomes a health and safety issue when numerous birds take up residence outside of a home or business. Birds are known to be carriers for more than 60 diseases that can create health issues in humans.

Their excrement not only contains ammonia and uric acid, but if left long enough it can corrode steel. This not only damages property, but a mess from their droppings can deter customers from a business.

Protecting Property from Birds

Birds are creatures of habit and can return to places that are familiar to them. This is why it is important to contact a professional bird removal service that can protect your property from a variety of birds that habitually return to the same locations.

After any nests are removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned, a pest control expert can install bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, or bird jolts to prevent the birds from returning. The process is safe to the birds, plus it can save you from harmful health issues and costly damage to your home or business.

If you see a flock of birds roosting on your property, contact the highly trained technicians at Pest Management, Inc. to remediate bird nesting issues and to prevent any further infestations. Our bird removal services are backed with a one-year warranty, so if the birds should return we will take care of the issue at no extra charge.

Putting the Heat on Bed Bugs

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Putting the Heat on Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are everywhere. They may not be in your home, but they are out there and could find their way to your home or office by stowing away in your furniture, clothing, pillows, bedding, and any object that has travelled, such as luggage. If you go somewhere and don’t know there are bed bugs, they can crawl and hide on you or your belongings to find their way back to your home. In recent news, bed bugs have been discovered in a university dorm, a high school, and at a shelter.

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t the same as eliminating a couple of bugs in your home or office. If you spot a couple of bed bugs, there’s good chance there are more than just a few. Heat remediation is proven to be the most effective pest management method to rid a property of these pests.

Thermal Remediation

It’s a fact that bed bugs can’t take the heat. Bed bugs only have a threshold to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why thermal remediation has been proven to be 97 percent effective in the control of bedbugs. If temperatures in a room are elevated higher than this threshold for at least a few hours, it can kill all stages of bed bugs. The treatment is also eco-friendly and doesn’t leave residual pesticides.

A professional pest control technician who is highly trained in the technique of thermal remediation should perform the process to safely kill bed bugs. This ensures the treatment will be effective and will not result in any injuries.

Protect with Prevention

Even the cleanest homes and businesses can have bed bugs. The best method to protect your property is to know how to spot a bed bug and take as many steps as possible to prevent them from coming to your home or office.

A bedbug is a small, dark red, and oval-shaped insect that looks similar to a tick. Bedbug eggs look like small grains of rice. They have an odor that is often described as spoiled raw beef or a sweet, musty odor. A bed bug bite is itchy and similar to a mosquito bite.

If you travel, keep your suitcase off of the bed and carpeting. Vacuum it before it enters your home and wash any clothing that travelled with you.

When you do spot a bed bug at your property, contact the expert team at Pest Management, Inc. to deploy our heat remediation fleet. Our highly trained team, including our bed bug dogs, leads the fight against bed bugs and can have your home or office treated in just a matter of hours.

The Battle With Fire Ants After Rain

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The Battle With Fire Ants After Rain

There’s no question that fire ants are a problem in the south. The invasive species costs Texas more than $1 billion in damage a year, according to a recent Texas A&M University study. Fire ants can cause damage to electrical equipment, harm birds and livestock, and they are very aggressive when disturbed. Fire ant bites can be painful and for some the bites can lead to an allergic reaction.

Fire ant mounds can appear after periods of heavy rainfall as Texas and much of the south recently experienced. While the mounds may be the first sign of fire ants, the ants lived down in the soil before the rain. Extended periods of rain or downpours fill their underground tunnels with water and force the ants to build the mounds above ground.

Identifying Fire Ants

Once a mound is discovered, it is important to know specifically what type of ants live in the mound. Each type of ant requires a unique method of pest control for the most effective result.

Fire ants are rust colored and range in hue from lighter reds to darker browns. Worker fire ants can be as small as 1/16 of an inch up to ¼ of an inch. They prefer dry fields and sunny areas where the ground is frequently churned since they use the churned material to build their dome-shaped mounds. If the mound is left untreated, it can grow up to 24 inches in diameter and 18 inches tall. These colonies can contain between 100,000 and 500,000 worker ants and up to 60 queen ants.


A bite and sting from a fire ant gives them their common name. A bite can feel like you have been burned. The fire ant bites and then it moves its stinger into the skin. The result is a red bump on the skin and if no treatment is administered, the bump can turn into a white pustule that carries a risk of infection. An infected pustule can leave a scar.

The key to preventing a fire ant bite is to eliminate a fire ant colony as soon as it is discovered. Contact our team of experts at Pest Management, Inc. who understand the cause of a fire ant infestation plus the method that will result in the fastest removal of the problem.


Managing Bed Bugs Takes a Team of People and Bed Bug Dogs

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It takes a team to put the heat on bed bugs and eliminate them from a property. Naturally, a trained bed bug exterminator manages the pest control process, but in many cases it begins with a skilled bed bug detection dog sniffing for every possible location where bed bugs may be hiding.

According to the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, there are more than 100 dogs currently working as bed bug detection dogs in the United States. Working dogs have already been used for a variety of purposes, including drug and bomb detection by law enforcement. Those same skills are being applied in bed bug detection.

Why Dogs Are Used to Sniff Out Bed Bugs

Bed bug detection dogs are working dogs that are trained to sniff out pests. It’s not easy for the human eye to detect bed bugs with their tiny size, plus bed bugs are known to hide. With a sense of smell 1,000 times greater than humans, dogs can sniff out the odor from bed bugs. It’s often described as spoiled raw beef or a sweet, musty odor.

Just like working K-9s in law enforcement, there is some preference to certain breeds such as Beagles and Labrador Retrievers, but the most important factor over breed is the dog’s ability and personality to become a well-trained detection dog.

How Bed Bug Dogs Work

Success with bed bug detection dogs depends on the ability of the dog and the handler to work together. The handler also goes through training to work with the detection dog.

Bed bug detection dogs are the key to knowing exactly where any bed bugs are hiding in a property. Once the dog has alerted to the locations the handler or bed bug exterminator, can begin treating the area to eliminate any live bed bugs and any eggs. Bed bug detection dogs can alert to eggs that are difficult for human eyes to spot.

If you have seen a bed bug in your home or office, contact the highly trained bed bug detection team at Pest Management, Inc. to inspect your property and apply our eco-friendly thermal remediation treatment that is proven to be 97 percent effective in the control of bedbugs.

Breaking the Mold in a Male-Dominated Pest Control Industry

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 businesswoman on roof looking at city

If you think about contacting someone at a pest control company, you probably think of speaking to a male. While men still dominate the industry, more women are not only working in pest control, but many of them also hold high level positions within their companies. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women count for only about four percent of employees in pest control, but that percentage has gradually increased over the years.

One woman in that small percentage is Sarah McElwee, director of business development at Pest Management, Inc. Growing up, McElwee never thought she would work in the pest control industry, but today she is a trailblazer for the company taking on a wide range of tasks from focusing on the growth of the company to taking care of pests herself on a call at a home or business.

McElwee was recently featured for her role in the company in the October issue of Austin Woman. The article, “Dirty Jobs,” features McElwee and three other hard-working and successful women who have taken on unique careers that are typically consider a “man’s job.” In the article, McElwee says, “I show up at homes to do pest control and people look at me like, ‘Where’s the tech?’ “ McElwee says she’s worked diligently to learn as much as possible about the industry to prove she understands the pest problems and can provide the best solution.

McElwee is not only unique in the pest control industry, but she is the first in Texas to join an elite class of technicians who hold the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) environmental disinfection certification. This means in the event of an environmental hazard, the expert team at our affiliate company, GermLogic, can manage the complete decontamination and clean-up process.

At Pest Management, Inc. we focus on diversity and encourage all of our employees to strive hard and achieve their desired goals. Every day, it is our goal to eliminate pest issues in your home or business. Contact our team of men and women experts today to learn more about our specialized services such as bedbug, mosquitoes, termites, and wildlife control.